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VAT may apply
Product works on Apple Silicon only via workaround.

Watch trailer

The most desired fill for the gap in Apple Motion’s and FCPX's toolkit

Download Demo

Fast & super
easy to use!

All you need is just a couple of clicks to create a smooth and realistic animation on a still element.

Intuitive interface

You'll be surprised how natural it feels to put any graphics in motion using nothing but mPuppet tools.

Click on the icon to see how it works

Let's bring it
to life!

Animate anything from geometric shapes to pictures, and bring some dynamism onto your screen!


Stretch, squeeze,

Warp the structure of any object and give it a uniquely organic movement.

Multiple meshes
on a single image

Don't waste time on cutting your image into separate pieces. Just put mPuppet on it and it will automatically recognize different parts as independent meshes!


Automatic animation

Easily create polished animations with self-smoothing keyframes.
Even in Final Cut Pro!

depth control

Conveniently place parts of the mesh in front or behind others by changing the handles' depth.

fun with
any topic!

Make pictures or other static elements interact with videos or build complex energetic compositions from separate layers. Nothing can stop you!

Watch tutorials

See what it is capable of!

Technical specifications

Supported software macOS 10.14.4,
Motion 5.4.3 or
Final Cut Pro 10.4.6
Includes mPuppet Plugin
Size 25.3 MB
Music used in trailer – Boogie Woogie
Music used in tutorial – Hit the Ground Running - Instrumental Version


After purchasing, the product is instantly available for download via mInstaller.