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DaVinci Resolve
Final Cut Pro

We called you to enter the spotlight…

…And you showed up!

We wanted to see your best work, and you delivered! This challenge was all about your time to shine, and now the time for rewards has finally come!

In April, we presented you with the mShowtime Challenge pack and challenged you to create the ultimate one-minute showreel of your best work. Your response did not disappoint, and picking out winners was the real challenge on our part. Yet, here we are!


first prize

In 2020, due to the pandemic, I decided to explore video production and discovered Final Cut Pro X because of its user-friendly interface. As my editing skills advanced, I sought to expand my creative possibilities, but the standard FCPX tools were insufficient. That's when I found MotionVFX plugins, which significantly streamlined my editing workflow. My favorite is now the CineStudio plugin package, which has completely replaced third-party visual effects software. For instance, in my video for the mShowtime Challenge, I used mRotoAI from CineStudio to create clones and mTracker 3D for seamless transitions and text tracking.

by Yevhen Pereverziev

Panasonic LUMIX S5 II kit + 50mm 1.8 lens


second prize


second prize

As a film director, I love editing as it's the moment that makes your vision as you want, or you will see another potential to adjust it while editing. I can't see a moment on set when I don't think about how it will be edited, so I always say that all video creators should know sequences and editing rhythm while shooting; it determines it. Thanks to MotionVFX, I could easily change and try some aspects like transitions or titles, which helped me choose the theme for the video.

by Michał Korzewski

MacBook 14 M3 512 GB


third prize


third prize

As a solo videographer, I try to create a variety of videos. This video was one of those challenges, and thanks to the MotionVFX plugin, I was able to complete it despite not being an expert in video compositing. I'm always in awe of the plugins at MotionVFX that open up the possibility of excellent results, even if you don't have fancy equipment. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the mShowtime Challenge 2024.

by Sungeun BAE

DJI RS Pro Combo

Annual CineStudio 2D+3D subscription goes to

Remaining Awarded Videos:

Congratulations, Creators — you left us in awe!

We salute your creativity, your skills, and vision.

You all made it happen

Everyone gets a prize!

We appreciate each of you who shared your creativity with us! A reward of 50$ in-store credit goes to all first 300 participants — check out your MotionVFX account.

First 300 participants get $50