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Ultimate Tools for Perfect Sunny Edits in Final Cut Pro

Rise and shine

Watch trailer and fill your edits with sun

Achieve the perfect summer look and turn every second a pure essence of sunshine within just a couple of clicks!

School’s out

View tutorial and create in no time

Learn all you need in 15 minutes and see how making perfect summer edits can be easy peasy lemon squeezy.


Third time’s a charm

Expand your creative arsenal

Get more for less — complete your summer edits with cinematic prism effects and dynamic zoom transitions!

The essence of summer

There is nothing quite like that summer feeling, and while it may be hard to describe it, you can now show it in your edit! Whether promoting a vacation event, advertising a trip, using it as a backdrop for your brand, or just piecing together a set of perfect warm memories — this pack is for you!

Best time of year

The joy of making new memories

Give justice to all the great things only summer can offer — long, warm days filled with sun, careless fun, and adventures with friends!

6 2

tools to bring summer to your screen

Fill your edits with beautiful sun flares, give your footage a warm, inviting look, and lock your new memories in stylish vintage film mattes.


Film Mattes


Sunflare Effects



Your very own

Pocket full of sunshine

The sun can make any scenery more beautiful and every day better — thanks to this pack, you can now add the sun to your toolkit and brighten up any scene!

Technical specifications

Minimal requirements

macOS 12.6.5,
Motion 5.6.1 or Final Cut Pro 10.6.2

Aspect ratio

Horizontal or vertical


52 titles and 10 transitions for Final Cut Pro


63.3 MB

Music used in trailer All-on-me-feat-sammy-adams---phzes-remix

Music used in tutorial Life Dancing


After purchasing, the product is instantly available for download via mInstaller.

Aspect: Aspect ratio: horizontal / vertical