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Automatic 3D Tracker for Apple Motion & Final Cut Pro

What is
mTracker 3d?

It is a plugin that lets you precisely recreate the 3D movement of the camera used to film your shot, simulate the original 3D space captured in the footage and extend the reality with new objects.

Process your footage once and use the extracted tracking data to incorporate and synchronize new content.

Drop content in 3D space
Enjoy 10 new drop-zone presets and make your content a part of the scene. Place your videos inside any setting as if floating in the air, creating an immersive experience for your audience. lets you precisely recreate the movement of the camera used to film your shot and add 3D elements to your shots. Enjoy tons of built-in content and expansion packs!

Update highlights

mTracker 3D v2 is packed with mind-blowing improvements. When you track your footage 5 times faster, you’ll feel the difference.

Accuracy? Significantly improved for even better scenes and compositions! Plus more supported cases which means a smoother and faster workflow.

Improved tracking accuracy
Tracking up to 5x faster
More supported cases
More precise results
10 new Drop zone presets


Track the footage with a single click, and once it's done, enjoy placing extra content within your scene. It's as easy as 1-2-3.


Final Cut Pro

mTracker 3D comes with a selection of content templates that employ the power of the plugin to enrich the composition of your edit. WATCH TUTORIALS

BUILT-In content


We included a selection of titles, pointers, drop zone templates and models, which you can use with mTracker 3D right in FCP. Check out the Expansion Packs for even more trackable content! VIEW THE BUNDLE PACK

Expand the world of
endless possibilities!

Let creativity fill the 3D space! Discover mTracker 3D expansion packs and create further!


The tracking data can be used to animate any layer or group within Apple Motion 5, including 2D or 3D texts, images, clips, and USDZ models. WATCH TUTORIALS

Extend the capacity of Motion and FCP by using mTracker 3D with mO2 plugin. Explore the possibilities this cooperation offers, and discover the creative potential of this duo.

The tracking data from mTracker 3D can be applied to an mO2 scene, which makes it possible to incorporate it into your footage for an organic blend of reality with fiction. LEARN ABOUT mO2


Let your imagination run wild and create mind-boggling, jaw-dropping compositions.


Redefine what you can do with Final Cut Pro

Technical specifications
Minimal requirements
macOS Catalina 10.15.7 or higher,
Motion 5.5.3 / Final Cut Pro 10.5.4 or higher.
Hardware requirements
4GB of RAM (8GB recommended for 4K editing),
Aspect ratio
Horizontal or vertical
mTracker 3D plugin
134.9 MB
Music used in trailer Turn It Up

After purchasing, the product is instantly available for download via mInstaller.

Aspect: Aspect ratio: horizontal / vertical