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Product compatible with Apple Silicon

Automatic 3D Tracker for Apple Motion & FCPX + 3 Expansion Packs

Time to release:

Apple Motion 5.5 or FCP 10.5 REQUIRED

Instant 3D effects in your edits!

A mind-blowing plugin that lets you precisely recreate the movement of the camera used to film your shot.

There’s no end to all the elements you can insert in post-production and completely transform your footage.

Essential Bundle contains the plugin and 3 exceptional packs with total value of $346!

Get it all now for $299


Essential Bundle includes:

mTracker 3D Plugin that lets you precisely recreate the movement of the camera used to film your shot and 3 Expansion Packs containing 50 3D titles, 50 3D pointers and 50 2D captions.

Discover the potential

Now you can extend the reality on your shots and realize your creative ideas with no restraints, other than your imagination.
With mTracker 3D, any object added into a tracked scene will naturally follow the camera’s movement as if it was there from the beginning!

From professional productions to funny home videos - this plugin has got you covered.

Fun to create
& watch

plugin integration

Get the accurate camera movement data and use it in mO2 to embed 3D models in your scenes. Easily manage your 3D cexpansion and enjoy a fully unified workflow.

Massive content EXPANSION

mTracker 3D Essential Bundle comes with over 150 trackable 3D titles, pointers, and captions to get you started.

Analyzing Scene...

One-click tracking

The easiest way there is. No complicated workflows or convoluted procedures to get to a perfect effect.




Requirements Any Mac running macOS Catalina 10.15.7 or higher
and Apple Motion 5.5 or FCP 10.5
Includes mTracker 3D Plugin + Titles Pack + Pointers Pack + Captions Pack
Music used in trailer - Stamp it up