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Product compatible with Apple Silicon.


Classic Cinema-Inspired Transitions for Final Cut Pro

Story in motion

Watch trailer and make your story flow

Transitions are the backbone of the movie flow — see how perfectly these transitions help you tie your story together.

Cut to the chase

View tutorial and make that transition

See how easy it is to apply these transitions and live your vintage Hollywood dream with this versatile collection.

Realize your silver screen dream!

Get more for less — complete your toolkit and give your edits a cinematic look with these bestsellers!

mTransition Movie

Boost the narrative

Bring story in‑between shots

Make every second count — express more and push your narrative forward, even when transitioning from scene to scene.

Guide viewer’s attention

Hold the viewer’s focus and move them smoothly along the story, setting them right where they need to be for the next scene.

Convey meaning

Different transitions have come to carry a lot of meaning, and it’s a powerful narrative tool to subtly set the viewers’ expectations.

Connect the dots

When the story you want to tell is there, tie it all together and propel the narration with these masterful transitions.

Classic for a reason

Capture the quintessential movie feel

Create the perfect look with the cinema’s classic transitions and vintage film-stock-recorded effects. We have all of the cinema’s history to vouch for their effectiveness.

classic transitions

All of the most recognizable movie transitions in one collection. Drag & drop to achieve that straight-out-of-the-movie-screen effect within seconds.


Technical specifications

Supported software

macOS 11.6,
Final Cut Pro 10.5.4


50 transitions for Final Cut Pro


95.6 MB

Music used in trailer Primordial

Music used in tutorial Eremite Feel Again


After purchasing, the product is instantly available for download via mInstaller.