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A pack of 3 FREE titles

used in "OFF THE TRACKS" movie

Get the original typography featured in the motion picture and give your titles
the iconic FCPX look.

Titles preview:

Watch tutorial

If you encounter problems with the font, go to Font Book -> Edit -> Look For Enabled Duplicates (or ⌘+L) and choose the Resolve Automatically option.

If this doesn't solve the issue, follow this procedure:
1. Open Font Book
2. Search for Source Sans Pro
3. Right-click on the font and choose Remove Source Sans Pro Family
4. Go to mInstaller and reinstall the product

Technical specifications

Minimal requirements

FCPX 10.4, Motion 5.4 (or later)

Aspect ratio



3 FCPX titles


1.6 MB

Music used in tutorial

> - To the Sun

Typography by MotionVFX

professional cinematic design

Now you can stylize your text with the original titles featured in the
"OFF THE TRACKS" movie. Get the professional look for FREE and
support the FCPX community. Enjoy!

Aspect: Aspect ratio: horizontal