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2D Plan
2D + 3D Plan

Redefine possible in Final Cut Pro with cutting-edge editing tools engineered to powerboost your creativity. All our game-changing, most powerful products at your fingertips thanks to convenient monthly or annual plans.
Redefine what you can do with Final Cut Pro
Get cinematic, million-dollar-looking effects for your edits and stun your audience within minutes.
Whether you want to create a Hollywood-worthy look with atmospheric color gradings, stylization, and anamorphic effects, extend reality with automatic 3D tracking with tons of pre-built content, or fuel your creativity with AI-powered rotoscopy — this offer is the easiest way to get there.
  • 20+ of our cutting-edge, top‑value products
  • Free updates and upgrades
  • Top-notch support from an all-human team

Discover your full potential with

CineStudio brings together everything you need to turn your creative energy into a genuine masterpiece. Automated 3D footage tracking, vast resources of useful built-in content, professional color gradings, and out-of-this-world (but in-your-hands!) video effects. Go beyond possible!

Make rotoscopy easy with the power of AI

Mask any object with a couple of clicks and track its movement to create feature-film quality effects with minimal effort!
Animated masks across the frames!
mRotoAI allows you to animate and morph your masks as objects change in a scene, thanks to an intelligent tracking tool. Rotoscopy has never been easier & faster!

Turn the world into your canvas!

Put your graphics on any surface, and achieve accurate and realistic results within minutes!
Let your creativity come to the surface!
mTracker Surface is an advanced planar and surface tracking plugin. It supports tracking multiple layers and lets you perform precise masking and color correction.

Expand the reality of your shots

Add 3D elements into your footage as if they were in the scene while shooting. Track the movement of your camera and populate your shots with new players!
Track your footage with a single click
mTracker 3D lets you precisely recreate the movement of the camera used to film your shot and add 3D elements to your shots. Enjoy tons of built-in content and expansion packs!

Turn any shot into a cinematic production

Bring the Hollywood-quality look into your edits: color correct, grade, stylize, add flares and anamorphic effects to take your visuals to an entirely new level.
All-in-one color grading and effects tool
mFilmLook is an efficient solution for turning your clips into epic film scenes. Perform color correction and grading, apply LUTs, add grain, blur, lens distortion, vignette, and flare effects. All you need to live your silver screen dream!
Exclusive content for CineStudio members only!
Enter the CineStudio universe to access plugins that redefine possibilities in FCP! Mask ANY object with minimal effort and track surfaces to transform your edits with exclusive plugins!
Want to transform your edits with a subtle Hollywood touch, give them a glow-up, or add magic flair with trackable particles? CineStudio expansions at your service!
The future is almost here. Get ready!
The ultimate 3D rendering engine for FCP & Motion will not only be optimized for Apple silicon but give you more creative power than ever (...waiting for openUSD standard? Sub-Surface Scattering? Let this be our secret). Get ready to change the game!
Already have mO2? More details here.
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This is what limitless feels like.
Expand your vision with endless creative possibilities at hand. Explore and let your imagination run free!
  • Access to 20+ powerful products
  • Free updates and upgrades
  • Exclusive content
  • Extensive tutorials and support
  • Intuitive app to manage all products — mInstaller

Have a short moment?

This is all you need to take your editing higher!

Want more tips and tricks? Watch tutorials.

One payment to rule them all
Pay one fee and enjoy access to all of our most powerful products, all in one place, always up to date. Ready to help you make the best edits of your life!
Frequently asked questions
What is ?
is a subscription encompassing 20+ products (see product list) for footage tracking, masking, animation, grading and effects. They are available in two plans: 2D and 2D + 3D, which can be bought in two billing cycles: monthly and annual. Not sure yet? You can try any of the plans for 14 days to fall in love with the unlimited creative potential behind this subscription.

For context, we have been operating as a one-time payment since 2009 and would love to keep going like this. Unfortunately, it has proven not sustainable — hardware changes (e.g., the transition from Intel to Apple silicon) and updates to operating systems (macOS, Windows) or host software (Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere) often mean major breaking changes for our plugins.

We want to ensure we have resources to keep our products operational and up‑to‑date. The subscription model also enables us to provide you with ongoing support, continuous product development, and the release of extension packs that give you the best possible quality. We also believe this model increases the availability of our best tools for all creative minds and comes with loads of user benefits.

As for perpetually licensed products you already own or will buy in the future — don’t worry; you will keep them indefinitely, and we will continue to support them and keep them viable.

We are excited about expanding the CineStudio universe with new features and plugins. Stay tuned.

  1. First, choose the plan you want to try/subscribe to, and provide the payment method.
  2. Download mInstaller.
  3. Go to My Products tab in mInstaller and choose products you want to install.
  4. Open FCP and start using your products!

Fast and easy! Quick tutorial here.

2D + 3D Plan includes all the products from the 2D Plan. On top of that, it provides mTracker 3D, mTracker 3D Area, and all other mTracker 3D expansions, including 2 CineStudio exclusive: Glow Pack and Particles Pack. See product list.
Sure! We know you should get a chance to play around with the tools and make sure they will fit into your workflow before you hit Subscribe. That’s why we offer a 14-day free, no-watermark, no-render-limits trial for each plan. All plugins are included in the free trial, but expansion packs are available only in paid plans (they are clearly marked as Not available in trial on the product list).

No, users who bought mO2 before CineStudio’s release will be able to purchase mO3 under a perpetual license in the time-limited special offer. After this offer ends, mO3 will be available only with a CineStudio subscription.

However, all mO2 content you have bought before mO3 release will be usable with mO3.

There will be additional content for mO3 available for one-off purchase for mO2 users, but we cannot rule out releasing mO3 content that will be CineStudio exclusive.

Users who have not purchased mO2 before the CineStudio release date will get access to mO3 and content packs only via CineStudio.

Thanks for being with us! We’re sure CineStudio will provide you with so many new tools and possibilities, but if you ever decide you don’t need the subscription, you’ll still be able to create freely with the products you bought under a perpetual license. You will keep them indefinitely, and we will continue to support them and keep them viable (yet, in the future, any additional content packs for these plugins will be released only via CineStudio).

Not much! The trial is fully functional, with no watermark, no rendering limits, all plugins included. One difference: expansion packs are not included in the trial version (they are clearly marked as Not available in trial on the product list).
Sure thing! Go to My subscriptions in your account or in mInstaller and click Change plan. We will show you the calculation of the credit you get from the unused days from your current plan and how much you will have to pay to move to the target plan. Your new subscription starts as soon as we collect the payment and covers your chosen plan/billing cycle. Important notice — we do not process downgrades (annual to monthly or 2D + 3D to 2D).
All information and changes to the subscription can be made in My Subscriptions in your account or in mInstaller. There you can cancel your trial, stop and renew a subscription and apply all changes (plan upgrade, change of subscription term).
We will send you an email the day before your trial ends to remind you about it so that you can make a conscious decision if you want to stay with us. If you don’t cancel, you will automatically roll into a full subscription, and your chosen payment method will be charged with the price of the plan you subscribed for.
There are two consequences: (1) you immediately lose access to the products included in the trial (2) we will not charge your payment method with the subscription fee. You can always come back by purchasing a subscription in the future, and any in-progress projects that include our plugins will be fully functional again.
No worries, we’ve got you covered! Go to My Subscriptions in your account or in mInstaller and use the Renew button. Once we collect the payment, you are good to go. All the products you downloaded are there, waiting for you to jump back to your projects.
If you stop the subscription, you will keep access to the subscription products until the end of the current billing cycle, and the next payment will not be collected. If you change your mind, you can always click Renew on the subscription — the payment will be collected according to the schedule (if the subscription has not yet expired) or immediately (if the subscription has expired). You will regain access to the products as soon as we process the transaction.
No, mCredits can be used only for perpetual purchases.
Yes, we will ask for your payment method before launching the trial. But don’t worry — we will remind you the day before processing the payment for a full subscription so that you can easily cancel if that’s not what you want.
No, we give a free 14-day trial so that you can check if our subscription meets your expectations and make an informed decision. After subscribing, you can stop the subscription so we will not process the payment for the next billing period. You’ll be able to use your subscription tools up until then.
Yes, your plan will automatically renew until you stop the subscription.
There could be multiple reasons, best to talk to our fantastic support crew! Get in touch with them .
Your invoices can be found in Invoices in your account or in mInstaller.
We are asking you for authorization of $1 to check the validity of your card. This amount will be returned to you immediately afterward.