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Editing reinvented

See what it’s all about

Let us introduce you to our new line of products and see how it helps you create world-class edits within minutes.

What are Timelines?

A perfect vessel for your story

Timelines are a revolutionary way to create a professional video within minutes. We give you a complete edit, ready to be filled with your footage and story.

Timelines are ready-made edits, with all the cuts, titles, and add-ons present curated to fit a specific theme. All you have to do is drag & drop your footage into designated gaps, choose music, and customize it to your vision!

Ever been tight on a deadline? Or maybe you need a video but are not ready to make it from scratch? Timelines are the ultimate solution. Just fill them with footage and enjoy a complete, professional edit in under 10 minutes.

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Wanna give it a shot?

Get this timeline free!

Download your first Timeline for free and see how it works in practice. Enjoy this clean, energetic edit and fill it out with your story.

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Welcome new possibilities

A game-changer entered the scene

Timelines allow everyone to create professional, masterfully crafted videos in a fraction of what it would take to make them from scratch.

  • Fast and intuitive

    The fastest way to go from raw footage to a fully formed edit. A simple drag & drop system and helpful cut marks make the use straightforward and enjoyable.

  • Fully customizable

    Adjust presets, the duration of each element, and decide which cuts suit you best — Timelines let you try and tweak away to realize your unique vision.

  • For everyone

    The story you have is one of a kind. Now you can show it to the world — we did the heavy lifting to give you all the creative freedom without burdensome technicalities.

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All you need to know

Watch tutorials

The idea is revolutionary, so let us show you Timelines in action! See how making a video of your dreams can be a piece of cake!


MotionVFX Timelines are accessible via mInstaller. Please make sure you have the 2.3.0 version or later installed.